Altus Resource Group
Human Capital Solutions

Executive Search

Altus Resource Group offers its clients both Executive and Professional Search Services. Our services are provided on a contingent or retained basis, depending on the nature of the search. We tailor each search to the specific needs of the client. We apply a consultative approach to thoroughly understand our client's organization and culture. We can support your organization in the following areas:


Finance & Accounting




Marketing & Sales

Whether your organization's needs are local or global, large or small, Altus Resource Group can help you find and recruit the top professionals in your industry.

Staffing Services

Altus Resource Group is focused on finding the right person to support our clients with their workload needs. Altus uses a flexible approach to solving your requirements and we can support you in the development of your human capital. We partner with our clients and work together to solve their immediate and long-term business goals. Each client has a unique situation and we work to locate the people who have the skills and experience they require for success. Altus is committed to your success. Let Altus partner with you to create the right staffing solution for your business.


Consulting Services

Altus Resource Group helps its clients maximize their shareholder value by offering an array of consulting services. A sample of some of the areas we can assist you in are:



Talent Management &

Contingent Workforce Outsourcing

Altus Consultants can help clients respond to immediate organizational needs as well as put in place strategies for the longer term.  The Altus team of professionals will partner with your business team and develop a deep understanding of your strategies, needs, culture and people. We are committed to the success of your enterprise.